Technical Skills


13 years

Symfony v2, v3 and v4, Doctrine 2, Fat Free Framework v3, Zend Framework, CodeIgnitor v2 and v3, Yii2, Codeception


9 years

Webpy, Flask, Django + DRF (6 months)


13 years

Vanilla JS, jQuery, NodeJS, Vuejs


3 years

Frameworkless microservices, Beego


2 years

Arduino STD Library, Qt


6 years

IAM management, extensive EC2 management, setup and deployment using ECS/ECR with Docker, orchestration of instances with ElasticBeanstalk, implementation and usage of VPCs, RDS instances and ElasticCache instances

Language-agnostic Skills


Docker, MySQL, Linux Administration, Memcache, Apache, NGINX, Redis, PostgreSQL, AMQP/RabbitMQ, Jenkins

Work Experience

Jan 2020 - Current

Lead DevOps Engineer

Health Recovery Solutions, Full-Time

  • Lead on migration from manual infrastructure management to Infrastructure-as-Code through Terraform
  • Responsible for server uptime, application availability, infrastructure costs, network security and tooling for developers

Sep 2018 - Jan 2020

Senior Software Engineer

PrivCo, Full-Time

  • Lead on full system refactor bringing legacy Zend Framework 1, PHP 5 based application to use modern PHP practices with PHP 7
  • Move application servers from single Zend Server to load-balanced, Docker-based ECS containers
  • Implementation code standards and collaborative workflow for development staff

Nov 2017 - Jul 2018

Software Engineer

Hearst, Full-Time

  • Development of Yii2, Flask and Django web applications and microservices
  • Design and implementation of API for product review service using Flask
  • Set requirements, service architecture and implementation timeline for large, company wide SEO service to analyze and score content prior to publication

Apr 2017 - Nov 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Makespace, Full-Time

  • Development of Django based API using the Django REST Framework
  • Proof-of-concept and implementation of in warehouse object measurement system using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi
  • Proof-of-concept for warehouse barcode scanners using Motorola imagers and Android
  • Implementation of CI system using Jenkins to Manage deployments through AWS and Jenkins CI

Mar 2016 - Jan 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Makerbot Industries, Full-Time

  • Development of backend web services for both third party and internal APIs
  • Addition of new security and user features to Thingiverse (PHP application)
  • Development of SDKs in Python and C for firmware integration to analytics and network suite
  • Development of communication protocols between printer firmware and backend services
  • Migration of services from Node.js to Go

Jan 2013 - Mar 2016

Team Lead, Software and IT

Upright Citizens Brigade, Full-Time

  • Reduced annual infrastructure cost from $38k to $12k
  • Development of multiple PHP based applications to replace legacy systems
  • Core system architecture design and decisions
  • Management of 2 additional developers
  • Server management/DevOps for scalable, cloud based RHEL based machines

Jan 2011 - Jul 2011

Software Engineer

HiDef Web, Full-Time

  • Authoring of stats system using Zend Framework backend. Usage of HTML5 generation technology on frontend including web sockets, local storage and CSS3
  • Development of frontend AS3 elements using Flash Builder 4
  • Development of backend PHP using strict, documented OOP practices for MVC design pattern

Jan 2008 - Dec 2010

Junior Software Engineer, Software Engineer

Active Website (Booj), Full-Time

  • Developed in house Python systems for rank monitoring and keyword research using a KEI algorithm proprietary to my team.
  • Implementation of any feasible request using proprietary framework based on CodeIgnitor and Smarty with XHTML 1.0 strict standards and Prototype
  • Development of frontend AS3 elements using Flex Builder 3
  • Development of backend PHP using strict, documented OOP practices for MVC design pattern

Jun 2006 - Dec 2008

Junior Software Engineer

Brand Function, Freelance/Contract

  • Development of PHP/AJAX cms for deployment of small, "business card" sites
  • Client interaction and management for frontend and functionality changes
  • Development of frontend AS3 elements using Flex Builder 3


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